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Tom Goranson
Residing In: Wichita, KS USA
Children: Amy (1972) married to B J McCaskey. Kids: Jordyn, Carter and Kaelin.

Shelly (1974) married More…to Josh Larson. Kids: Cameron and Logan (twins), Olivia and Tatum.
Occupation: Couch Potato
Yes! Attending Reunion

I just read my profile update from July 2015. Boy was I wordy! I decided to update it once again, but make it much shorter. Since my last update, I've had cataract surgery in both eyes but no new "surprise" surgeries. I'm still undergoing chemo treatment and things really haven't changed. In fact, I saw my oncologist yesterday and he commented on how long I've been having treatment. Since my cancer is "treatable, but not curable" that is a good sign. He also complimented me last visit on my positive attitude. He believes, as do I, that it plays an important part in my treatments. I also still have cirrhosis, but no real problems from it at this time. My cardiologist, who I saw in September, "suggested" I check in to a low-carb diet. I did and did NOT like what I saw, but attempted to cut down a bit. The interesting thing is that I mentioned it to my oncologist and he asked "does he know you have cancer?" I told him yes, he did, and my oncologist said "I think you have enough on your mind." I love that man......but still DO watch them a little bit. I can't think of anything else that's changed. I'm still a die-hard democrat living in red, red Kansas. Watching the President and our Governor makes me shake my head a LOT, and saying words my mother wouldn't approve of. Oh, as of January of this year, I started my sixth year of chemo.....the "expected" time left for a case like mine is about 28 do the math. :-)

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